Sunday, May 17, 2015

Library Haul :D 5/16!

Where's the first place i hit up once i'm settled from my trip?! My local library of course :D Since i have a system to reading, i need to "stock up" so i grabbed more than i usually do!

Also got


My son wanted to get those!

I have a beach vacation next week, so i'll probably grab a few more to bring along for the 8hr drive and the 5 days i'll be soaking on the sand :D


  1. Oohh these are some great books!! It's amazing that you have them at your library.. my library sucks hahaha

    Also, your son is a reader *two thumbs up*

    - Jumana @

    1. Yah i've turned him to the dark side :D Right now he's into non fiction books a lot! We've been learning about the body and sharks :) There's a Emily the Strange poster he always talks to me about so i finally just grabbed the books for him to see :D He's only 5 so he can't read yet, but we are going to be starting on sight words soon!

      The bottom pic is all the holds i put out because my library has 4 branches so they spread the books out, and i'm too lazy to visit the others so i made them drive them up to me :D The top was all on the "new YA books" shelf and i was grabbing them as quick as i could when i saw all of them!


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