Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ocotber Challenge

Last month i made myself a promise to do at least 1 challenge on Goodreads every month!

I totally space telling you guys about it thou!

Challenge for October!

Goodreads Group - YA Buddy Readers' Corner
Challenge Name - Freebie Challenge
How to Win - Any book you have that was a Freebie to you (ARC, library, kindle freebie, giveaway win) counts and whomever has the most points (based off number of books read and number of total pages read) wins!
How I'm Doing Currently (10/15) - 4th place :]

I'm doing really well mainly because every book i read is a Freebie :]

I will try to remember to keep you guys updated and i'm looking for a new challenge to do in November so any suggestions from you guys would be awesome :]

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