Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekend Reads!

I've been busy binge reading the Hex Hall series, finished Hex Hall in 12hrs and Demonglass in about 6hrs :] Reviews to be posted later today.

Tonight i have a girls night out planned :] i haven't had one in years, i have difficultly making friends so i'm really looking forward to it :]

As far as what i shall be reading this weekend:

  1. Clockwork Angel - i'm about halfway done and i took a break to get some smaller books done, so planning on finishing it maybe tomorrow
  2. Spell Bound - if its like the other 2, it'll be done in a few hours :]
  3. Anna and the French Kiss - i think the universe doesn't want me to finish this, i have 1 day left before it gets taken from me again, i'm at 40% so we'll see how far i can get
  4. Clockwork Prince - this is if i get everything else read, which i probably will :]

What are your weekend reads?? or are you going somewhere exciting this weekend instead??

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