Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Sunday Night :D

Another weekend is almost over.

Brock knows what's up.

It's freaking hottttttt here! 5pm and still 90 out. Ugh.

I want to get some reading done tonight for sure!

I'm hoping to finish one and start another.

I'm about 60% done with this, and i am addicted! I love this series!

I'm hoping this book kicks my slump.
I adore this series like crazy. 2 more books have be released since i last read them thou so i'm re-reading the 3 i did read so i can read the new ones.

If you need an awesome Zombie book, i highly suggest The Enemy. So freaking good!!!!!

Now i'm off to get me a Frappe and maybe find a shady area out in the world to read in :D

Paradise :)

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