Saturday, January 10, 2015

Library Haul 1/9

I was smiling from ear to ear when i saw The Winner's Curse on the shelf :]

Also, i find it fiting that yesterday i shared my nail polish issue, and then today i might of added to it :]

I can't resist a $1 bottle of pretty polish :]
and you can never have enough black.

How's your weekend going??


  1. DANGEROUS GIRLS! Man, that book is insane! So many awesome plot twists :D
    The Winner's Curse is fantastic too! And such a great cover!

    1. I know! I saw the first page of Dangerous Girls on someone's blog post and I was hooked. I badly want to skip ahead in my reading to get to it, but I have some other great reads before it. But the wait is hard!!!


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