Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What Up Wednesday! (1)

Hope everyone is surviving their week okay :]

What I'm Reading:

The Walled City - Got less than 100 pages left, and stuff is going down right now, can't wait to finish it :]

Dorothy Must Die -
I'm about halfway done now, it's kinda slow at the moment but i've been told it picks up so i'm hoping for that :]

What I'm Watching:

The Powerpuff Girls :]
My ex finally took me off his netflix so i no longer have that to watch :[
I'm waiting til the 15th to get it for myself, all my bills are in the first 14 days of the month so i wanted it to be in the last part of the month.

So til then i'm stuck with the lowest package of tv that i have because i only have 1 month left of my tv service. 

What I'm Listening To:

Paramore :]
I've listen to just their old stuff, i might take some time tonight to listen to some new stuff thou :]

How's your week going?? Getting any major reading done??

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