Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 1 :]

Well we did it, the first whole week of 2015 is done :]

It's been freezing here and i haven't done much because i hate being cold.

I didn't accomplish any of the weekly goals i set up for myself! Oh well, I am doing well with the goal of being more positive which is why instead of seeing that as a failure, I'm simply seeing it as a missed chance and will try harder next week :]

In blog world thou, I'm feeling awesome this week.

Blogger Followers
Yah, 2 is small, but still 2 more than 0 :]
Booklikes Followers
HOLY CRAP!!!! this is crazy, 205!!! I feel so special right now!
I usually don't look at my profile, but i did yesterday, and saw this!!! ahhh, pretty sure it's the first time i've ranked. :]
Bloglovin' Followers
Again, its not a crazy number, but for someone who just started to hardcore do this, it's amazing :]
Tumblr Followers
I only had like 50 two weeks ago, and now! Just makes my smile bigger :]

(If you're not already following me and/or are friends with me on any of these sites, click the pictures to go to my profile)

I'm gonna end my week with The Lego Movie :] and Downton Abbey of course!

Where are my pants?? :]

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