Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sorry i haven't been too active the past few days. Friday was a down and out kinda day for me, and today i spent some good time with my son :]

I did go to the library Friday. I took back The Golden Lily, it was due back and i have more books to read plus it's in the jar, so it'll be back :]

Here's what i picked up :]
I'm wayyyy excited to read all 3!

I'm trying to finish Captive tonight and then The Walled City tomorrow, then it's Blood of Eden time :]

How was your week??


  1. I heard great things about Talon! Hope you enjoy your books (:

    1. Thank you :]

      I've heard great things about all 3, but some bad too. I'm really looking forward to Talon thou, i do love me some dragons :]


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