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Thursday Throw Down! (13)

Thursday Throw Down is an original feature created here at booklife4life. I created this feature because it seems with everything book related, there's always two ways to see it :)

Each week I will provide two "contenders" and you will decide the winner :) Write a post supporting your choice and link it back to here and add yourself to the Link-In so everyone can see! If you don't have time to create a post, just place your vote in the comment section! :)

I will "tally" up the votes and announce the winner along with a randomly selected blog post supporting that winner on the following TTD. 

This week we have a few options to pick from :D



 Erudite was formed by those who blamed human ignorance for the faults of society. They formed Erudite as a way of eliminating ignorance and darkness from human minds.
Erudite values the virtue of intelligence and wisdom over any other. The members focus their lives on the pursuit of knowledge. Erudite are expected to delegate themselves in the library reading books, or, most commonly, reading something from the computer.  


Amity is a faction that dislikes war, discord, and strife of any kind. They blame aggression as the root of all evil. They don't recognize a leader but use Johanna Reyes as their representative/mouthpiece. They are a highly democratic faction, voting on almost everything. Even the food that they eat contains a peace serum, meant to prevent the faction members from fighting. The members wear comfortable red or yellow clothing. Their main contribution to society is growing crops, and they work closely with Erudite to develop new methods of farming.

The Candor value honesty and cannot tell a lie. They say whatever is the truth, even if it gets them into trouble. Candor children are taught to speak their minds at every moment. They are often lawyers, because they are truthful about everything. The Candor believe that truth is black and white, so that is what they wear. 

Dauntless was a faction formed by those who blamed cowardice for society's problems. The only answer is to face your fears through bravery.
The Dauntless value the virtue of bravery over any other, as such they train to fight and use weapons to prepare their bodies to respond to threats and challenges, which is necessary if they want to survive life as a Dauntless member. The faction also emphasizes the idea of freedom from fear, and test this daily by attempting death-defying feats. 


Abnegation value the virtue of selflessness over any other. Abnegation initiates are forced upon attaining membership to reject a life of vanity and self-indulgence, in theory to protect themselves from greed and envy (considered forms of selfishness). Gossiping, using a mirror for long periods of time, and buying luxury items are forbidden. As Abnegation members, the focus of their lives will be in serving others instead of themselves: anything done for self-enjoyment is discouraged. Abnegation are usually very quiet, as they don't like to call attention to themselves and find joy in helping others. 

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I actually spaced this last week. Sorry :(
So the winner from two weeks ago...

Cinder's American Cover :D

Thanks to all who repliped.

Reading is My Escape From Reality! wrote this:

Personally, I prefer the American cover. I like the use of the glass slipper and the hint of robotics underneath the skin. This is the first cover I saw and it really intrigued me. I grabbed this book up the instant I first saw it on a shelf in the store. It conveys the idea of a new twist on an old fairytale.
The Czech cover (while stunning) doesn't give me the same feeling. The full moon and the witchy kind of outfit doesn't say Cinderella to me at all.

Like always you can either comment your answer below or join the link up with your own blog post explaining your decision. 



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