Saturday, December 27, 2014

2015 Challenge - You Read How Many Books?

I thought i should sign up for some blog challenges this year :]
I'm branching out nicely i think :]

So this is hosted by Gina :]

I have choose level 2: 150 books :]
I'm at 140 as of now so i can totally do 150 next year :]
 I'll be updating this list, probably at the end of each month since i'll be doing wrap ups and i can just do both at the same time :]

So here goes:

1. Pawn Finished 1/3
2. Captive Finished 1/4
4. The Walled City Finished 1/8
5.  Dorothy Must Die Finished 1/8
6. This is Not a Test Finished 1/9
7. The Immortal Rules Finished 1/11


  1. I've read over 180 this year, but 2015 looks busier for me so I'll be lowering my goal. Good luck! :)

    1. Thanks :) this year wasnt the best for me, i was too caught up in someone i shouldnt have been. But 2015 should be a bigger, better, happier year :) at least i hope so :)

  2. I think I'm at 116 or something which is great for me with school and the kids :)

    I wish you luck on your goals!

    1. :] 116 is really good, i just have 1 kid and he's a clinger so i have to sneak reading in :]

      Good luck with whatever goals you have for the year :]


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