Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2015 Life Goals

I talked about my Reading Goals for 2015 here!

But now it's time to talk more personal life goals for the year!
(in no order!)

1. Do 30mins of Spanish exercises 3 days a week :]
I took 3yrs of Spanish in high school, i graduated early so i couldn't do a 4th yr, i loved every minute of it and when i work in fast food, i spoke to the cooks in Spanish only! But now i work in a warehouse and only 1 person speaks Spanish. So since i'm not in school at the moment, but still wish to learn it, i plan to do 30mins of Duolingo lessons 3 days a week :]

2. Exercise 3 times a week :]
I'm not fat, i feel fat a lot of times, but honestly i'm better off than some, but i feel bad about myself a lot and whenever i work out, i just feel better. I usually fail this goal every year, but if i can just do it enough to form the habit of wanting to, i should be fine.

3. Do more actives with my son :]
During the first 2yrs of my son's life, i lived paycheck to paycheck, so we could go to the playground and that when i had extra gas in the car to use. But now i'm much better off, and i want to do more with him :]

4. Be more positive!
I've been struggling with depression for years. I have the hardest time seeing the positive side to things, it's ruined every relation/friendship i've ever had and i've gotten too alone to be okay with it anymore. So more positive thoughts!

5. Be more organized and less lazy :]
Let's be honest, i only vacuum once a month, and i leave clean clothes on my bed way toooooo long. I'm not crazy lazy, but i do let things go for a minute. I want to be more organized and keep up with things. A tidy home leads to a tidy mind :]

That's really all i got. I just want a better life, and it's not gonna fall into my lap and i've been in that mindset too long. So here's to a better year and a better me :]

Do you set goals for the coming year or resolutions?? Do you keep them??


  1. I know Spanish from Dora... XD I know some French, though! ;P

    I dance a lot, so that's my form of exercise because I can NEVER do traditional exercise! EVER! I'm just too lazy.

    Procrastination... Ya, I'm not ready to say goodbye to that awesome thing yet. XD

    Great post! Hopefully, you can manage to do these (or at least half) next year~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D
    ~Fari @ My Little Corner For Books 0:)

    1. haha, yah i've learned from Diego :]

      I dance... in the shower... does that count?? :)

      Thank you for commenting!

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you :] May the odds be ever in your favor this coming year! ;)


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