Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What Up Wednesday :]

Hello book buddies :]
It's only wednesday for 3 more mins! ah.

What I'm Reading:

Red Rising was a little slow in the beginning but is quickly picking up :]
The Madman's Daughter is building up, she's almost to the island her Evil Genius father is on :]

What I'm Listening to:

All Too Well by Taylor Swift
(pic takes you to a youtube video)
Lets just say, spending christmas alone isn't the best for a broken heart.
Here's to trying to keep my mind away from darkness

What I'm Craving:
Chocolate milkshakes!!! So yum :]

What I'm Watching:

Avatar: The Legend of Korra!
Getting my anime on, if you haven't seen this, you're living your life wrong.

But you really should watch this first:
Avatar: the Last Airbender
Seriously one of the best series i've ever seen!

How's your week going??


  1. I LOVED both Red Rising and Madman's Daughter, I hope you are enjoying them (or enjoyed them. No idea if you finished them already). I have to agree with you an Avatar! I love that series! Although, I was never satisfied with the end. I tried Legend of Korra, but it made me sad. Almost everyone from Avatar was dead...
    Anyway, I keep telling myself that I need to give it a try again!

    1. Red Rising was meh, i think i went into it with such high hopes because EVERYONE loved it, but i wasn't into it very much. i skimmed the last chapter.

      The Madman's Daughter is so good though :] i think im in a historcial fiction pharse right now and it's fitting right in :]

      I had issues getting into Korra too, but then season two happened and i just couldn't stop watching. it does get tons better! i haven't seen any of season 4, thou thanks to tumblr, i know the ending. I'm greatly confused on how it got there so now i'm even more determined to watch it. :]

      Thank you for commenting :]

      May the odds be ever in your favor this coming year!


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