Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Darkest Minds

Title: The Darkest Minds
Series:The Darkest Minds #1
Author:Alexandra Bracken
Rating: 4.5 stars
Recommend to?:Anyone in need of a kickbutt girl role model :]

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My Review: I picked this book up without knowing what it was about. I just saw everyone reading it and enjoying it and i just had to have it!

The characters were great. Ruby is the main character and she's pretty kicka$$. A for sure good role model for other girls. She survives the "disease" that wipes out most of American's little kids, and her reward, special powers! A bunch of badness happens resulting from her not being in control of said powers but when you risk the chance of the government killing you if they witness you using them, i wouldn't want to mess with them a ton.

The side characters are well written and i would love to get to know them better in the next book hopefully :]

I highly recommend this book, it has a good plot, and a pretty cover :]

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