Monday, December 22, 2014

Hope all of you had a good weekend :]
Sorry i've been away, had "christmas" with my parents and grandparents on Saturday, and had to finish shopping Sunday night :]

Grandma got me this, made my year :]

I found this "About Me" tag on tumblr, thought i'd share it :]

Birthday: April 29th
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Favorite color: Pastel colors :]
Avg hours of sleep: 6ish
Lucky number: Um, I don't really have one, i love even numbers thou!
Last thing I googled: Will Patton!
First word that comes to mind: Flying Bison!
One place that makes me happy: Library!!
How many blankets do I sleep under: At least 1, usually two. I get very cold
Favorite fictional character: Olive from Little Miss Sunshine
Favorite books: If I Stay :]
Favorite anime: Avatar: The Last Air Bender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Favorite TV Shows: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Parks and Recs, Bob's Burger, Once Upon A Time, Scandal, The Golden Girls
Favorite food: Mexican!
Last movie I’ve seen in the theatre: Monsters University
Dream vacation: London!
Dream wedding: Small, outside, lots of soft light, pastels everywhere.
Dream job: Blogger/Reviewer, someone needs to pay me to read :]

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