Monday, December 8, 2014

Freaking Monday!

Know what makes me freaking crazy mad!?!?

I have my Monroe pierced and i wanted to change it, but the old one wouldn't uncrew for shiz. I had to soak my face in hot water a couple times and use pliers to get the freaking ball on top to unscrew!!!! But i finally get it off and switched to a new one, one i spent $12 on!!! and guess what?!? the new one unscrews itself and now i'm stuck at work without a ball on top, so i can't talk for the next 10hrs for fear that the rod will fall out and since you have magic healing powers in your spit, i have to keep the rod in or it'll be too healed by morning for me to get it back in!!!! and i have no clue when the ball fell out, so it's lost forever.


I have no clue how i'm gonna eat today either with this issue.

So that's how my Monday started!

How's your monday going??

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