Sunday, November 30, 2014

2015 Reading Goals

Well i've been really thinking of what goals i should be trying to work towards next year and i've come up with this so far :]
These are in no order at all!

1. Read a total of 150 books :]
i'm at 124 right now so i'm sure i can do it :]

2. Read 10 non-fiction books!
i know there are some good ones out there so i want to see if i can find some :]

3. Read and Review at least 3 ARCs every month!
i am like up to 70 ARCs awaiting me and i feel bad so i want to tackle them and i want to get more and better ones in the future :]

4. Read 10 books from genres i really don't read from :]
i tend to stick to just one genre and there are so many more out there, i'm gonna dip into historical fiction and chick lit.

5. Join and finish at least 2 challenges on Goodreads each month!
I've been doing alright on my few challenges i have done, and i've read and found some good books from those. and i've meet some great book lovers along the way too, so i want more of that :]

I'm just gonna aim for these goals and see where i can end up :]

Do you like my goals?? Do you have any planned already??

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