Monday, November 3, 2014


** I received a free copy of this in exchange for an honest review **

Title: Homeless
Author: Nicolas Wilson
Format: PDF file
Rating: 4 stars
Time to Read: 8 days
Recommend it?: yes, for those who like end of the world books

Goodread's Bio: Humanity has been decimated by a violent new species that nests in any enclosed spaces, and slaughters everything unfortunate enough to come indoors. Mitch is a 'Wall Banger', an explosives expert who 'cracks' buildings, exposing them to air and sunlight to kill these invasive organisms. When a friend of Mitch's asks for help tracking down a murderer, Mitch recruits Cori, a 'Shadow Runner' who races through infested spaces to gather supplies and saleable loot. But this terrifying contagion isn't the only danger, as their world descends into a harrowing marathon against oversupplied militias, murderous gangs, self-righteous survivors, and all-out starvation.

My Review: The plot behind this was very interesting. I'm not sure how i would do forever having to not be allowed into a enclosed space in fear of getting killed!

The main character, Mitchell, was a relateable character. I was confused on how old he was throughout the book.

Supporting characters, Darren and Cori, were well written and i was hoping for some romance between Mitch and Cori!

There was some spelling and grammar errors, but nothing too major.

Overall a very good book, i was really wanting it to be way longer thou. it has a very promising story :]

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