Sunday, November 30, 2014

While We Run

Title: While We Run
Series: When We Wake #2
Author: Karen Healey
Format: Hardback, 336 pages
Rating: 4.25 stars
Recommend it to: Science Fiction fans :]

Goodread's Bio: Abdi Taalib thought he was moving to Australia for a music scholarship. But after meeting the beautiful and brazen Tegan Oglietti, his world was turned upside down. Tegan's no ordinary girl - she died in 2027, only to be frozen and brought back to life in Abdi's time, 100 years later.

Now, all they want is for things to return to normal (or as normal as they can be), but the government has other ideas. Especially since the two just spilled the secrets behind Australia's cryonics project to the world. On the run, Abdi and Tegan have no idea who they can trust, and when they uncover startling new details about Project Ark, they realise thousands of lives may be in their hands

My review:
Wow. This was a perfect sequel, it flowed perfect from the first book.

This one thou is from Abdi's POV, which was awesome. I loved seeing his view on the issues and how he saw the others.

The action is this book was sick, in a good way :] there was lots of it and i loved it all.

The plot twist was nice :] and now i badly need to see how this series will end.

The only issue i had was that i wish there was more of a development in Abdi and Tegan's relationship.

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