Sunday, April 26, 2015

Baltimore :D

I made it to Baltimore last night :)
I settled into my hotel, which is wayyyy nice!
I got some groceries for the week and watched some tv!

I'll be here for 3 weeks! I'll be catching up on my ARCs (which aren't really ARCs anymore....)

If any of you know of something i should do on my days off around the city or somewhere within driving distance, let me know :D


  1. Oh, I'm in Baltimore! I would suggest visiting The National Aquarium and The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Also, The American Visionary Art Museum is pretty awesome and I love visiting The Science Center. If you like parks, there's a great area at Patterson Park. Keep in mind the protests going on though. I'm sure you wouldn't want to get stuck in the middle. Oh, and if you want to drive as far as DC, definitely go to the Washington Zoo. It's great!

    Vicarious Caytastrophe

    1. yah, stuff is getting a bit bad here. Luckily i'm not near the main issue places. I do plan on hitting up DC thou :D gonna take the train down thou, i do hate to drive. I think i'll hit up the aquarium for sure, and the air museum, and the park, get some outdoor reading in :)

      Thank you for the suggestions!!

      Hope you and your family are keeping safe during this!


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