Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday Throw Down! (3)

Thursday Throw Down is an original feature created here at booklife4life. I created this feature because it seems with everything book related, there's always two ways to see it :)

Each week I will provide two "contenders" and you will decide the winner :) Write a post supporting your choice and link it back to here and add yourself to the Link-In so everyone can see! If you don't have time to create a post, just place your vote in the comment section! :)

I will "tally" up the votes and announce the winner along with a randomly selected blog post supporting that winner on the following TTD. 

In Corner #1 We Have...

District 12! 

In Corner #2 We Have...

The Capitol!


Which would you rather live in?? (Act like the reaping doesn't happen)

You can either leave your pick in the comments, or create a post on your blog and link it back!

Sabrina from Sabrina's Stories had this to say:

I have read both these books! I have to admit that I originally rated The Fault In Our Stars higher than Paper Towns on Goodreads, but I have begun to think of Paper Towns as my favourite John Green book so far. I think I would recommend Paper Towns, just because it's less popular (at least for now).

I have read both and I personally liked Paper Towns slightly better because it didn't' make me ugly cry!!


  1. So, I linked to my post. I never did that before, so I hope it works. I love Thursday Throw Downs!

    1. Yep it checks out good :D thank you!! :)


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