Friday, April 3, 2015

Library Haul! 4/3 :)

it's been raining heavy all day here! Gross!

Here's what i picked up today!

I broke down and put holds on things this week so i got some goodies :)

Finally getting around to reading something by Colleen Hoover!
Finishing 2 series by getting Clockwork Princess and the read of the Darkness Before Dawn books :)

Since i'll be busy all day Sunday, i'm only aiming to finish two books.



Do you have any plans for Easter??


  1. Ohhh good books you've got there!!
    I've read Ugly Love this month and Red Queen last month.. I loved them both, but Red Queen is probably my favorite read in so long.. Can't wait to see your opinion on it!❤️

    Happy reading! :)x

    1. Thank you :)

      I haven't seen a bad review for Ugly Love nor for Red Queen so i'm really hoping they live up to the hype :)


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