Monday, February 2, 2015

Challenge Updates :]

Since we are now done with a whole month of 2015, which is freaking crazy, it's time to update my challenges :]

Yearly Challenges!

You Can Read How Many Books?
Goal: Lvl 2 150 books

Progress: 21 books read

NetGallery/Edelweiss Challenge
Goal: Lvl Gold 50 books

Progress: 2 books read

Um. i need to step up my game here!

2015 Popsugar Challenge
Goal: Read 1 book for each of the 50 "items"

Progress: 8 books read

Monthly Challenges!

Goal: Team with the most points on April 1st wins!

Progress: Just started Feb. 1st, we have 2 books done, so we have 40pts.

Read-A-Thon Team Challenge
Goal: Team with most points, based off page numbers, wins!

Progress: This is a rollover challenge from last month, as of yesterday, we were in 1st place!!!! :]

I finished 1 challenge on Goodreads on January 1st, we didn't come in 1st. We were like 5th. But i meant some great people and added some books to my TBR :)

How are your challenges going??

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