Sunday, February 1, 2015

Life is Crazy :]

Okay, this is very non book related but I wanted to share some personal stuff :]

3 years ago, i was living in a 1 bedroom apartment, i had to share it with my then 2yr old son when i got him on the weekends, so there was a lot of things trying to fit into this tiny place. I was working at a fast food place, and my checks weren't nothing to sing about. I was living paycheck to paycheck, i had no money saved, had to live on a strict budget where i was in the grocery store with a calculator and sometimes had to only eat at work during the week to save some money. I had no internet, no cable, i had to drive my car til it said E. It was awful. I went into deep depression and pretty much cried myself to sleep more night than not.

I reached rock bottom when my then "boyfriend" stole pretty much all the money i had, and i had to make most of my bills late. I sat down and was pretty close to just giving up on everything. But i thought about my son and knew that wasn't gonna be the way i wanted him to see me or think of me later.

I started a new job, quit my deadbeat job. My paychecks doubled. I did some careful planning, and 2 years ago today i was handed the keys to my very own house.

I now get a smile on my face every time i park in my driveway, looking at my house. I have a good amount of money saved up. I no longer need to bring a calculator with me anywhere. I can walk into a clothing store and buy something without having to worry about having enough to pay the electric bill. I have internet now and i have an awesome gaming system that allows me to watch Netflix, or play the games i can now afford to get on release day instead of waiting a year for the price to go down.

I still have some life goals i haven't accomplished yet, but now i know if i just set my doubts aside and push myself. I can say i'm proud of myself for once.

Sorry for the long post, but i wanted to share :]

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