Friday, February 6, 2015


Way to be a boss and getting through your week!! :]

Here is what i picked up today at the library :]

I would like to say welcome to all my new followers :]
I have acquired quite a lot in a little bit of time!

Don't be afraid to comment on things, i love seeing your names pop up on my post :]

Have any plans for the weekend??


  1. Hey :) I love reading your reviews. I am forever checking what you're reading. I haven't been reading that much at the moment where I am studying my A Levels. I have had the Chemical Garden sitting in my room for ages! Have never got round to reading it!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award because I think your blog deserves so much recognition! I hope you don't mind!

    Ana xx

    1. You need to get to the Chemical Garden series!! It's very good :]

      Thank you, that's amazing, i feel extremely excited about this :]

    2. I will let you know when I have read it :) and you;re welcome I cant wait to read your answers! Ana x


You're awesome for commenting :] Whenever I'm not stalking other blogs, I'll be checking your comments and commenting back :] You're the best!