Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Throw Down!

Happy Thursday :]

Today on Thursday Throw Down we will be voting on two books by the same author :]

Rainbow Rowell!

I have personally read all of her books, and highly recommend them all but today you decide!!


If you could only recommend 1 of the above books to your friends, which would you pick???

If you haven't read them, here's the Landline's Goodreads and the Attachment's Goodreads.


  1. I think I'm cheating, because I haven't read Landline yet, but I really, really loved Attachments!
    (I also loved Eleanor and Park as well as Fangirl).

    1. You will love Landline! I couldn't read it fast enough, it's so good :]

  2. I've read them all too! I'm a huge fan. Fangirl is my all time favorite but between the two mentioned I'd go with Attachments. I only gave it 3 stars when I first read it but looking back I remember really liking the characters and watching the story unfold. I just felt like there wasn't enough time to celebrate the happily ever after!

    1. I agree, there was like 1 page!!!! I need at least another 50pages!!!!


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