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Review: Dead to the World

Dead to the World Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Basic Info

Pages/Length: n/a
Genre: Vampire; Fantasy; Werewolves; Magic
Reason For Reading: Continue series

At A Glance

Love Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?:
Love Hexagon at this point (If i recall correctly) Slight obsessions, and insta love.
Cliff Hanger: No
Triggers: n/a
Rating: 2.5 stars

Score Sheet
All out of ten

Cover: 7
Plot: 5
Characters: 6
World Building: 6
Flow: 5
Series Congruity: 8
Writing: 7
Ending: 6

Total: 6

In Depth

Best Part:
Worst Part: Jason wasn't missed, much.
Thoughts Had: Sookie should go find Jason, not fuck others.


Continuing the Series:
Recommending: Sure

Short Review: I grew very bored with this one. So now we are introducing Witches into the Sookie world. Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches, oh my. Jason goes missing, yawn, Sookie does turn to find him but really, she kinda said 'eff it. Hotspot (which come on, think of a better town name) is also introduced here too, and it's a scary place indeed. Not much goes on. (view spoiler)


Book Boyfriend: Eric
Best Friend Material: Pam

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