Friday, January 6, 2017

Cutting Down the TBR 2.0!

I know it's been a minute so I'm sure some have forgotten about my CDTBR challenge. 
Basically i went through my To Read self on Goodreads, wrote down all the series, put them in a jar, i pull two from it at random, and you guys vote on which i read next!

Last round's winner was The Remnant Chronicles! 
I finished book 1 and 2, and am on hold for book 3.

Recently i found this on Epic Reads: 365 Days of YA

So I spent a whole shift at work going through them and finding which I still needed to read! I put them on their own shelf, and using, I am pulling 3 numbers and you guys get to pick which one I read next! Going forward i will switch between the 365 books and the series for the rounds so I can tackle more!

Round 9 coming soon ;)

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