Saturday, March 7, 2015

2015 Yearly Progress Update!

We are now in month 3 of 2015 :]

Time is flying by like crazy!

Time to update my progress for my yearly challenges!!

Challenge #1

You Read How Many Books - Sign Ups Here

Goal: Lvl. 2 150 books


I don't see any reason why i won't be finishing this challenge :]

Challenge #2

Netgallery & Edelweiss Challenge - Sign Ups Here

Goal: lvl Gold 50 books and/or get to 80%

Progress: Read and provided feedback for 8 books. Currently at 8%

Eh, i might not make this one, i have an issue of requesting tons and picking real books over e-books.

 Challenge #3

Pop Sugar 2015 Reading Challenge - Challenge Page

Goal: Read 50 different books that fit into the 50 different items on the list

Progress: 13 items have been checked off the list :]

I'm sure i can get this challenge done too. Getting some of the easy ones done now. Harder ones i'll have to read certain books for so i will get those done later in the year once i'm more caught up on other things :]

How are your challenge(s) going??  

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