Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello my awesome followers :]
Hope you all are having a decent weekend :]
My son spent the night at Grandma's house last night, so i had a break to myself. I ate a bunch of cookies and spent wayyy too much time on Tumblr :]
I now have a bunch of things to do tonight :]
Once Upon A Time is back tonight. 
I borrowed Season 3 of Game of Thrones to watch this week!
Hoping to finish a few episodes tonight.

And of course i have a date with Downton Abbey as well :]

I lead a hard life :D
I'm not letting myself go to sleep til i finish 2 books :]

 Busy Busy Busy Bee :]


  1. I absolutely love watching One Upon A Time. I didn't keep up with the show though. :( I was too involved on everything else to have time to watch tv. D:
    Anyway, I'm lovin' your new blog look! :D

    1. I almost missed it last night, but i turned the channel just in time. :]

      Thank you :] it took me like 3 weeks to find something i liked that was free.


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