Monday, March 9, 2015

It's Monday!! (Week 11)

I woke up and saw the grass for the first time in a few weeks!! Ek!
It's almost 50°F outside!! 
I got a lot of reading done!!

I've read 9 books so far in March! That's a book a day! Crazy!

I need to get 3 more books done by Friday so i don't need to renew them! :]

 With the nicer weather this week, i might get to do some outdoor reading!!

How was your weekend??


  1. It's finally gotten warmer where I live as well! It went from below freezing to "you can go outside without a jacket and only be minimally cold" weather. ;) Great job on reading so many books so far! They all look really interesting. And also thanks, because you reminded me I have to read two books soon that are due back at my library in a week!

    1. Yay warmer weather :) same here, last week, loads of snow and wasn't above 20 all week, this week, sunny and 55 or above all week!!! :)

      Thank you! I try to remember when all my books are due back, i keep them on the shelf in order that they need to go back, so i'm pretty good with that, but i sometimes forget the day and then it's thursday and i have 2 due back!

      Thanks for visiting!


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